Monday, July 20, 2009

And so I return...

I'm baack! The trip was awesome, the dig was awesome, and coming home was awesome too. Haha, I love these long trips, but I always get really homesick by the end.

Some of the things that have happened since I last updated: I survived finals, went to Italy, met some awesome people, did some incredible things, came home, went back to work, started writing my Departmental Honors paper, got my blue belt in Happou Taijutsu, taught myself to ride a bike, started transcribing civil war documents at the battlefield, and started playing Half Life (it has since devoured my soul).

Wow. And after all that, I still haven't gotten my shit together to start selling on ETSY. Some day...some day...

Anyway, next semester I'm taking two art classes, so hopefully I might be able to sell and/or ramble about the stuff I make for them (if they don't turn out to be completely worthless). And, if I can tear myself away from Gordon Freeman's escapades long enough to make more jewelry, I will get my act together and start selling that. No promises, though.


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