Friday, April 10, 2009


So I got tired of the gothy-black background and decided to go with something a bit more colorful. And since I am a retard when it comes to HTML, you get a pre-made template. Maybe I should figure that out some day...
The works came in earlier this week for my ceramic clock; I'm uber excited! Although upon examining said works it appears that I may have made the hole for them a bit too large...oh well, I'll make it work somehow.
Still no things getting sold on ETSY. However, I plan to use this time to expand the items that I will (hopefully, eventually) be selling. Depending on what I do this summer, I may have things listed as early as mid May or as late as late June/early July. I should keep updating this site off and on until then (because, you know, people might actually read this *gasp*). Actually, it just mostly makes me feel a little better.

All for now.

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